Re: OpenSSH chroot.diff

From: Michael Robokoff (
Date: 02/06/03

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    Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 08:08:39 -0600
    From: Michael Robokoff <>

    I am building a RedHat 8 machine to replace my RedHat 7.2
    machine. On my RedHat 7.2 machine I have ftp setup with chroot
    for all users. I want to do the same with sftp and leave regular
    ftp off the system. Where can I get the info on how to do this
    and is there a plan to incorporate this feature into sftp eventually?

    Thanks for any info (url's, howto's, personal experience, whatever)

    --Mike wrote:
    > Hi there,
    > I have one question about openssh developpement. There is perhaps one year,
    > i heard about a patch chroot.diff.
    > This patch apply on openssh source code allowed to chroot automatically
    > users want to connect to the server, with a special syntax in /etc/passwd.
    > I don't reach to use this patch in freebsd but many guys reached to do that
    > with openbsd.
    > Anyone can said to me if this patch is available on freebsd 4.5 ? I don't
    > find the patch in the source code of openssh 3.5 ...
    > Thx for all your reply,
    > Stephen

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