Are remote pipes fixed in 3.5?

From: James Dennis (
Date: 01/23/03

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    Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 11:17:41 -0500
    From: James Dennis <>

    I believe I responded a little too quickly without understanding
    everything completely. My apologies.

    James Dennis
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    Sean Kamath wrote:
    > Trolling through the mailing list archives, I've found both on the
    > developer list as well as this list questions about remote pipes
    > causing problems with SSH2 (but not SSH1) connections.  The problem
    > I'm talking about is this:
    > ssh -2 remotehost yes | dd of=/dev/null count=2
    > This will hang.  the 'yes' program running on remotehost will block,
    > and ssh will never return.  dd will have exited.  Using -1 will work
    > fine.  Basically, SSH2 will shut down the channel without telling the
    > remote side that stdout has closed.  Note that you can play all sorts
    > of games with -n and -f, but nothing fixes it (if you use -f, the dd
    > will exit and it will "appear" to work, but actually all that happens
    > is the ssh is running in the background, and the remote 'yes' is still
    > running (though blocked)).
    > ssh -v -v -v output:
    > ...
    > debug1: Sending command: yes
    > debug1: channel request 0: exec
    > debug2: callback done
    > debug1: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 16384
    > debug2: channel 0: rcvd adjust 32768
    > debug1: channel 0: write failed
    > debug1: channel 0: close_write
    > debug1: channel 0: output open -> closed
    > debug1: channel_free: channel 0: client-session, nchannels 1
    > debug3: channel_free: status: The following connections are open:
    >   #0 client-session (t4 r0 i0/0 o3/0 fd 5/-1)
    > <I Hit ^C Here>
    > debug3: channel_close_fds: channel 0: r 5 w -1 e 7
    > Nicholas William's post on the developer list in December of 2001 said
    > something about a patch needing to be applied to nchan.c in
    > chan_failed_write2().  So, is this fixed in 3.5?  I think the
    > developers agree that shutting down the connection is the right thing
    > to do (it's what rsh does), so I just need to know if it's in 3.5 to
    > make it worth upgrading from Solaris 9's ssh.
    > What I'm trying to do is the ubiquitous backup-over-ssh, and end of
    > tape detection is driving me nuts.  Something as simple as:
    > ssh host ufsdump / | dd od=/dev/rmt/0
    > WILL NEVER END when the tape runs out.  Sigh.
    > Sean
    > PS If this is not fixed, I'll post to the developer list. . .

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