AW: Restict login to keyfile

From: openssh (
Date: 01/21/03

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    Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 16:56:58 +0100
    From: "openssh" <>
    To: <>

    >PermitRootLogin no # I don't allow direct root logins
    >RSAAuthentication yes # this allows the key authetication
    >PubKeyAuthentication yes # I think this is for newer
    >versions of openSSH (3.5p1)
    >PasswordAuthenticaiton no # this makes sure
    >that no-one can
    >log on using a password, ie they *need* a key setup

    This is also the ways I do, but nevertheless I want both, but permit
    only certain users not to use the passwordauth
    Meaning :
    I have one user who logs on from outside via password, and one which
    should only be allowd to log with keyfile but not with password. More or
    less mixed ....

    I thought there was a setting in passwd or pam.d ??

    Any ideas