centralize keys location for multiple user keys?

From: Alexander N. Spitzer (aspitzer@spitzer.org)
Date: 01/06/03

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    Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 14:43:49 -0500 (EST)
    From: "Alexander N. Spitzer" <aspitzer@spitzer.org>
    To: secureshell@securityfocus.com

    We have a (perhaps) unique problems:

    We have a number of jobs that run on one machine, and ssh to a
    different machine to run a command.

    A --> B

    The problem is that the home directory is ONLY visible on the the second
    machine (B)..

    When the scheduler "su's" it the user running the job, not authorize_keys
    file is found in the users dir, so the ssh requires a passwd..

    We cannot replicate home dirs to all machines, and NFS home dirs is not
    really an options. Neither is an ssh-agent, because it requires manual
    intervention at times (i.e. machine reboots).

    is there a way to setup all the keys in a dir such as

    Machine A:

    Machine B:

    such that we have a shared dir, so that for each user, there is a key
    file, and an authorized_keys file unique to that user?


    Name : Alexander N. Spitzer
    Phone: 617.407.2274
    Fax : 509.752.4680
    Web : http://www.spitzer.org

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