RE: need help with public keys

From: Kim, Anthony (
Date: 12/23/02

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    From: "Kim, Anthony" <>
    To: 'Thorsten Hofrichter' <>,
    Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 13:52:38 -0600

    You are probably giving them an OpenSSH format public key and they probably
    want the SSH2-compatible or SECSH public key format.

    OpenSSH public keys are one line keys.

    Those other key formats look like your OpenSSH private key having BEGIN and
    END blocks.

    I can't test this, but try sending this:

    ssh-keygen -e -f ~/.ssh/ > public.key

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    Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 6:13 AM
    Subject: need help with public keys

    I am new to this group . So hello to all , and thanks in advance for any
    help you can provide .
    I am trying to exchange public keys with another company so we can do
    transfers yet , when I send them my they say they format is
    wrong, I look at my private key and that is the kind of format they want.
    My public key just has :
    RSA nowscrambled text.

    Any ideas would be great as there is a lot of pressure to get this done.
    Thorsten Hofrichter
    The Coca-Cola Company
    Infrastructure and Support Team
    Phone: 404-676-2240

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