Re: How to allow multiple hosts with same key??

From: Rajeev Kumar (
Date: 12/19/02

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    Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:30:22 -0500
    From: Rajeev Kumar <>
    To: Biju Perumal <>

    I don't think user@host matters in your public key at all. You can
    change that as blah@blah and it should work. That is just for some
    information purpose. Actually key is that big HEX string you are seeing
    which is related to private key. So as long you have same private key ,
    you can use same public key also. I am not sure about how and what
    product you are trying to use. But consider this scenario.

    You have users home (assuming UNIX environment) on NFS. So user will log
    on any machine but gets same home. Assuming user is storing ssh private
    keys at default location ~/.ssh/ then user will get same private key no
    matter which machine he is logging and thus same public key would work
    here in server/client context.


    Biju Perumal wrote:
    > Hi All,
    > Is it possible for multiple clients to connect to a server with the
    > same key.
    > I will explain.
    > I have a box which allow only ssh connection with a custom build
    > kernel with ssh support. If I manage to put one public key along
    > with the image, can I connect from different clients using
    > a same private keay?
    > How about changing the "user@host" in the public key to "*@*"?
    > Any problem with this approach?
    > Any other idea how to implement this.
    > Thanks in advance
    > regards
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