RE: ssh_exchange_identification error

From: Eddie Irvine (
Date: 12/05/02

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    From: "Eddie Irvine" <>
    To: "Tom Syroid" <>, <>
    Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 10:49:46 +1100


    > Greets all...
    > OK, I'm stumped. I've worked with SSH for a lot of years, but
    > I can't seem
    > to get by this one.
    > I'm responsible for administering a remote system 3,000 miles
    > distant. No
    > one at the office is the least bit "computer-wise". The
    > system is a Dell
    > PE4600 running RH 8.0. The only open port to the box is 22;
    > on the other
    > end is OpenSSH 3.51-p1.
    > Friday everything was working swell. I logged in, did some
    > maintenance
    > stuff, logged out -- all without error or incident.
    > This week when I try to log into the system, the command
    > hangs for about
    > five minutes (ssh <hostname>) then returns:
    > ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
    > I've tried from several different boxes; same result each time.
    > I've had someone restart the daemon on the remote system
    > (/etc/init.d/sshd
    > restart). The task completed without error.
    > Still no joy.
    > WTF folks?? I've never seen this error message before. What direction
    > should I be heading off in? I can't get into the box to check
    > error logs, I
    > can't get into the box to do anything. I've thought about
    > asking someone to
    > power cycle the system, but if restarting the daemon didn't fix the
    > problem, am I gaining anything with a reboot?
    > Any thoughts or ideas much appreciated.

    I'm wondering if you do authentication via NIS, and NIS is down?

    Just a thought.


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