question for openssh gurus...

From: Chad A. (
Date: 12/02/02

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    Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 13:22:39 -0600
    From: "Chad A." <>

    system: freebsd 4.7-stable

    I am running openssh 3.5 with openssl l-0.9.6g_1, and every time I ssh into my box i get a nice little scrolling fun bag of this message.. multiplied about 50 times what I have pasted below. any ideas what may be causing this error? I also notice that there is now a delay after the password is entered for a span of 45 seconds to about 60 seconds. This happens every single time I login, so I know its not just lag.. any ideas? Thanks.

    - chad

    grep: /etc/master.passwd: Permission denied
    [: -gt: unexpected operator
    grep: /etc/master.passwd: Permission denied
    [: -gt: unexpected operator