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Date: 12/05/03

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    My opinion...if you are going to let someone do that you should create an
    environment you don't care about and block it from the resources you do care
    about with iptables...create a DMZ of sorts...

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    Being relatively new to Linux, I have a few questions concerning security.
    If there is a better/more appropriate site, I'd appreciate being pointed in
    that direction...

    I'm looking at setting up a few machines to allow users to access the
    machines and perform development work on the machines. By development, I
    mean the ability to actually run various scripting languages
    (Perl/PHP/etc...) and the ability to actually build/compile/run their C/C++

    The idea is to setup a system that provides the functionality of as well as the ability to build/test the

    My question has to do with the problem of creating an environment that's
    reasonably secure. Is there a way/ways to create this kind of environment
    such that a user can essentially have his/her own space and not somehow
    screw up the system. Are there pointers that you can provide to give me a
    better high level understanding of what this kind of environment would

    Basically, we do not want the "ruthless" user to be able to create havoc
    through not having the system secured properly, or from being able to create
    an app that would in turn caus havoc.

    I've done the Google thing and come across the concept of chroot/jail but I
    have a lot more questions...

    Thanks in advance for any help/assistance with this issue...

    Hey... If you live close to me, I'd even buy you lunch!!!


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