Re: traffic

From: Gene (
Date: 11/04/02

Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 11:06:27 -0800
From: Gene <>

paras wrote:

>hi all
>i am having unwanted traffic on my serial int of my router which is
>connected to our service provider throu dsl. i disconnect all my internal
>network and checked still there is traffic. so how do i know where it comes
>from? it;s my cisco router with IOS 11.x.
>Thanks in adv
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What kind of system do you want to monitor your network on? I think you
could use fport by Foundstone to see what kind of service you're running
as well as using applications like network object probe to see what's
traversing on your network, or you could get really cool and use ntop or
nagios or other packet sniffer to find out what's going through to your


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