Re: Help with IPTABLES

From: Ryan Johnson (
Date: 03/13/02

From: "Ryan Johnson" <>
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Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 08:53:52 -0500

 Que version o mejor dicho, que "distribution" de linux queires usar? Si es
una "distribution" reciente, va a tener iptables (desde un ano). Si me digas
que es su configuracion de su red, puedo ayudarte a escribir las reglas

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Subject: Help with IPTABLES

> Hi, sorry for this e-mail, I need information about IPTABLES, how I can
> install and run iptables?, I need a web server secure told me please How i
> can buit a Firewall, I need your help for config my web server, what rules
> needd? and what protocols i need block?
> Thanks
> Ricardo
> pd:Sorry for my Enghish, I.m from Bolivia Sud America
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