Re: Help with IPTABLES

From: Dave Wreski (
Date: 03/13/02

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 08:16:26 -0500
From: Dave Wreski <>

Hi Ricardo,

> Hi, sorry for this e-mail, I need information about IPTABLES, how I can
> install and run iptables?, I need a web server secure told me please How i
> can buit a Firewall, I need your help for config my web server, what rules I
> needd? and what protocols i need block?

You should start by reading the following resources:

Oskar Andreasson IP Tables Tutorial

Linux Kernel 2.4 Firewalling Matures: netfilter


Netfilter and IP Tables

Hal Burgiss Introduces Linux Security Quick-Start Guides

Firestarter Firewall Builder

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