Re: Apache and Sendmail

From: S. Sargent (
Date: 01/17/02

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 14:59:11 -0800
From: "S. Sargent" <>

Tauhid, you keep asking for things to be just "given" to you out of the
blue with little or no research on your behalf. Other people posting
here "actually" go out and find the answers themselves and ask advanced
questions. You want and expect them to do your leg work. Pardon me, this
is just my observation over your last few emails. If there is a
moderator viewing these emails please state or restate the intentions of
this forum or maling-list and it's corralation to "Security". Tauhid, I
would recommend R'ingTFM's on everything and then read them again and
then read a few RFC's or go back to Microsoft products. Appearantly
Linux is too complicated for allot of people and it's not a bad thing to
admit. Different strokes for different folks. BTW I am not being rude. I
am just stating facts. I would also like the Moderator to post as I have
mentioned above.

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