[VulnWatch] [ Secuobs - Advisory ] Bluetooth : DoS on Sony/Ericsson cell phones

[Software affected] Bluetooth Stack on Sony/Ericsson cell phones

[Version] Sony/Ericsson K600i, V600i, W800i, T68i and certainly other models

[Impact] Bluetooth Stack Denial of Service (may be more - may be a rootkit :) - Phone DoS (reboot or shutdown) - White screen bug (freeze sleeping)

[Credits] Pierre Betouin - pierre.betouin@xxxxxxxxxxxx - Bug found with BSS v0.6 GPL fuzzer (Bluetooh Stack Smasher)

BSS could be downloaded on http://www.secuobs.com/news/05022006-bluetooth10.shtml

[Vendor] notified now

[Original advisory]


[PoC] download it on http://www.secuobs.com/news/05022006-bluetooth6.shtml

[PoC usage]

# ./reset_display_sonyericsson 00:12:EE:XX:XX:XX


A short raw L2CAP packet such as :

08 01 01 00

It represents the following L2CAP header fields :

ident 1
length 1

The "real" packet sent is, in fact, 4 bytes long.

The DoS can be triggered when the length sent in the L2CAP field is equal to the real length minus 3 (which is the size of the L2CAP header here).

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