[VulnWatch] Fortinet Advisory - Apple QuickTime Player StripByteCounts Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Fortinet Security Advisory: FSA-2006-01

Apple QuickTime Player StripByteCounts Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Advisory Date : January 12, 2006
Reported Date : November 28, 2005
Vendor : Apple computers
Affected Products : Apple QuickTime Player v7.0.3
Severity : High
Reference : http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2005-3711

Description : Fortinet Security Research Team (FSRT) has
discovered a Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in the Apple QuickTime Player.
QuickTime has buffer overflow vulnerability in parsing the specially
crafted TIFF image files. This is due to application failure to sanitize
the parameter StripByteCounts while parsing TIFF image files. A remote
attacker could construct a web page with specially crafted tiff file and
entice a victim to view it, when the user opens the TIFF image with
Internet Explorer or Apple QuickTime Player, it'll cause memory access
violation, and leading to potential Arbitrary Command Execution.

Impact : Execute arbitrary code

Solution : Apple Computers has released a security update for this
vulnerability, which is available for downloading from Apples's web site
under security update.

Fortinet Protection: Fortinet is protecting network from this
vulnerability with latest IPS update.

Acknowledgment : Dejun Meng of Fortinet Security Research team found
this vulnerability.

Disclaimer : Although Fortinet has attempted to provide accurate
information in these materials, Fortinet assumes no legal responsibility
for the accuracy or completeness of the information. More specific
information is available on request from Fortinet. Please note that
Fortinet's product information does not constitute or contain any
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