[VulnWatch] [AppSecInc Advisory WEBSP05-V0098] Remote Buffer overflow in WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console

From: Team SHATTER (shatter_at_appsecinc.com)
Date: 06/07/05

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    Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 15:31:07 -0400
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    Remote Buffer overflow in WebSphere Application Server Administrative

    AppSecInc Team SHATTER Security Advisory WEBSP05-V0098
    June 07, 2005

    Risk level: HIGH

    Credits: This vulnerability was discovered and researched by Esteban
    Martínez Fayó of Argeniss for Application Security Inc.

    Affected Versions:
    IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0

    The Administrative Console is a web-based tool used to manage the IBM
    WebSphere Application Server administrative server. The Administrative
    Console supports a full range of product administrative activities.

    There is a Unicode buffer overflow in the WebSphere Application Server
    Administrative Console. The security vulnerability exists in the
    authentication mechanism. The authentication process takes place only
    when the 'global security option' is enabled in the server. The
    vulnerability can not be exploited if the security option is disabled.
    The default TCP ports where this vulnerability can be exploited
    include 9080 (HTTP), 9090 (HTTP) and 9043 (HTTPS).

    Unauthenticated attackers may execute arbitrary code in the context of
    the server process.

    There is no workaround. The attack surface can be reduced by denying
    access to untrusted users on TCP ports 9080, 9090 and 9043.

    Vendor Status:
    Vendor was contacted and a patch was released.

    Apply the WebSphere Application Server 5.0.2 Cumulative Fix 11. The
    patch can be found here:

    Application Security, Inc advisory:

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