[VulnWatch] UPDATED: Quick JPEG/GDI test & fix (timesaver)

From: GuidoZ (uberguidoz_at_gmail.com)
Date: 10/07/04

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    Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 10:14:30 -0700
    To: vulnwatch@vulnwatch.org

    Hello again list,

    I've made a small update to the "install" SFX and batch file. It was
    brought to my attention that the batch file might not work correctly
    on non-English versions, though it will run. (Thanks Morten/DK*CERT!)
    I have fixed this. It should now run independent of the Windows
    language version.

    The updated file is in the same place:
     - http://www.guidoz.com/exploit-test.exe

    I'll also take this time to warn you that up-to-date antivirus
    programs SHOULD and WILL detect this as a virus! I mentioned that it
    attempts to exploit the system to see if it's vulnerable. It uses an
    infected JPG to do that - AV programs should be picking this up if
    they are up-to-date. If you still want to test the exploit, you can
    disable your AV scanner. (Though, if it's stopping it there, you
    should be safe.)

    Last but not least; many people are asking for the batch files and
    such separately. I have no problem sharing them at all! The SFX
    archives were for ease of use. I have the files themselves available
    for download as ZIP files on my web server. Each zip file contains
    what the self-extracting EXE (SFX) extracts and runs, along with the
    SFX itself. You can also open up the SFX file with any compression
    program (WinRAR is my fav) and freely change and move things around.
    You can even rename the batch file if you like - just be sure to
    rename it in the INI file. (That's what the launching program uses to
    know what to launch.) You should see what I mean when you see the

    If you use WinRAR, you can freely modify the files, then put them back
    in by drag-n-drop method. That way you can still use the SFX file
    which is setup to automatically extract and run the batch file (again,
    according to the SFX archive). Hopefully that all makes sense. =)
    Here's where to download the files:

    Install file I posted to the lists is here:
    - http://www.guidoz.com/install.zip

    The exploited JPEG downloads these files (as an SFX, which is included):
    - http://www.guidoz.com/jpegtest.zip

    Obviously you won't be able to change what file the JPEG downloads
    unless you create a new "infected" JPEG. There is a program available
    to do this called "JPEG Downloader". I have also written a batch file
    to run this safely (without exploiting yourself). Just make sure to
    put these files in a folder you do NOT have open in Explorer! Run the
    "makejpg.bat" file from a DOS prompt only.

    You can download the JPEG Downloader here:
    - http://www.guidoz.com/makejpg.zip

    If you have other questions, again, please feel free to email:
     - exploit _AT_ guidoz _DOT_ com

    Peace. ~G

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