[VulnWatch] Administrivia: where did your post go?

From: Rain Forest Puppy (rfp@vulnwatch.org)
Date: 10/14/02

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 21:30:01 +0000 (GMT)
From: Rain Forest Puppy <rfp@vulnwatch.org>
To: <vulnwatch@vulnwatch.org>

I just wanted to point out to everyone, in case it's not obvious, that
some submissions to VulnWatch will actually be approved on VulnDiscuss
instead. If the item is discussion-related, or doesn't meet the minimum
criteria we've decided upon for VulnWatch, then it will get approved to
VulnDiscuss instead.

So if you sent something in to VulnWatch and it wasn't approved, check the
VulnDiscuss archives to see if it came across there--most likely it did.

This redirection is due to our goal of reserving VulnWatch for only
moderate to large bug annoucements/advisories--the as it's been since day
#1. Note that, to not have a post approved to VulnWatch, it requires a
unanimous decision by all the moderators. If any single moderator
believes it should appear on VulnWatch, then it will appear. This process
is to overcome any potential bias, and hopefully normalize some of the

Anyways, go back about your business; I just wanted to clatrify what's
happening behind-the-scenes with some posts.

- rfp