[NEWS] Streamripper Multiple Buffer Overflows

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Streamripper Multiple Buffer Overflows


<http://streamripper.sourceforge.net/> Streamripper "records Shoutcast
and Live365 MP3 streams to a hard disk, creating separate files for each
track. Runs under Unix and Windows." Secunia Research has discovered some
vulnerabilities in Streamripper, which can be exploited by malicious
people to compromise a user's system.


Vulnerable Systems:
* Streamripper version 1.63.5

1) A boundary error exists within http_parse_sc_header() in lib/http.c
when parsing an overly long HTTP header starting with "Zwitterion v".

2) A boundary error exists within http_get_pls() in lib/http.c when
parsing a specially crafted pls playlist containing an overly long entry.

3) A boundary error exists within http_get_m3u() in lib/http.c when
parsing a specially crafted m3u playlist containing an overly long "File"

Successful exploitation allows execution of arbitrary code, but requires
that a user is tricked into connecting to a malicious server.

Time Table:
05/11/2008 - Vendor notified.
10/11/2008 - Vendor response.
14/11/2008 - Vendor informs that fixes are ready and will be uploaded to
CVS on the agreed disclosure date.
19/11/2008 - Public disclosure.


The information has been provided by Secunia Research.
The original article can be found at:


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