[NT] Novell iPrint Client nipplib.dll "IppCreateServerRef()" Buffer Overflow

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Novell iPrint Client nipplib.dll "IppCreateServerRef()" Buffer Overflow


"Neither you nor your users have time to devote to a complex printing
environment. That's why Novell iPrint extends print services securely
across multiple networks and operating systems. Using proven Internet
technologies, iPrint transforms your Novell Distributed Print Services
(NDPS) printers into Net-enabled printers, making all your printing
resources instantly accessible with a Web browser and a few mouse clicks".
Secunia Research has discovered a vulnerability in Novell iPrint Client,
which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user's system.


Vulnerable Systems:
* Novell iPrint Client version 4.36
* Novell iPrint Client for Vista version 5.04
* Novell iPrint Client for Vista version 5.06

Immune Systems:
* Novell iPrint Client version 4.38
* Novell iPrint Client for Vista version 5.08

The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error within the
"IppCreateServerRef()" function in nipplib.dll. This can be exploited to
cause a heap-based buffer overflow by passing an overly long, specially
crafted string as argument to either "GetPrinterURLList()",
"GetPrinterURLList2()", or "GetFileList2()" as provided by the Novell
iPrint ActiveX control (ienipp.ocx).

Successful exploitation may allow execution of arbitrary code.

Time Table:
25/08/2008 - Vendor notified.
26/08/2008 - Vendor response.
03/09/2008 - Public disclosure.

CVE Information:


The information has been provided by Secunia Research.
The original article can be found at:


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