[TOOL] PuttyHijack - Putty Hijacking Tool

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PuttyHijack - Putty Hijacking Tool



PuttyHijack is a POC tool that injects a dll into the Putty process to
hijack an existing, or soon to be created, connection.

This can be useful during penetration tests when a windows box that has
been compromised is used to SSH/Telnet into other servers.

The injected DLL installs some hooks and creates a socket for a callback
connection that is then used for input/output redirection.
It does not kill the current connection, and will cleanly uninject if the
socket or process is stopped.

PuttyHijack was inspired by the work that Metlstorm did on
<http://www.storm.net.nz/projects/7> SSHJack but at this release does not
create a new SSH tunnel for the connection.


The information has been provided by <mailto:brett.moore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Brett Moore.
To keep updated with the tool visit the project's homepage at:


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