[NT] Microsoft Active Directory Denial-of-Service (MS08-035)

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Microsoft Active Directory Denial-of-Service (MS08-035)


SECURIFY has discovered a denial-of-service vulnerability in Microsoft
Active Directory (AD) in which a domain user sending a specially-crafted
LDAP request causes the Active Directory server to initiate a controlled
restart. Specific products and versions affected and the hotfixes for
them are detailed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-035 (953235).


After receiving the LDAP request, the AD server returns a partial list of
the requested data to the client. After an additional minute or so, the
Windows initiates a controlled restart with a 60-second countdown timer.
The shutdown dialog box displays status code -1073741819.

After restarting, errors similar to the following are found in the
application event log:
Type: Error
Source: Application Error
Category: (100)
Event ID: 1000
Description: Faulting application lsass.exe, version <version>,
faulting module authz.dll, version <version>, fault address 0x00001d8f

Type: Error
Source: Winlogon
Category: None
Event ID: 1015
Description: A critical system process, C:\Windows\system32\lsass.exe,
failed with status code c0000005. The machine must now be restarted.

Type: Information
Source: Application Error
Category: (100)
Event ID: 1004
Description: Reporting queued error:
Faulting application lsass.exe, version <version>, faulting module
authz.dll, version <version>, fault address 0x00001d8f

Errors similar to the following are recorded in the Directory Service
event log:

Type: Error
Source: NTDS General
Category: Internal Processing
Event ID: 1168
Description: Internal error: An Active Directory error has occurred.
Additional Data:
Error value (decimal): 8411
Error value (hex): 20db
Internal ID: 3151e4a

Type: Warning
Source: NTDS General
Category: Internal Processing
Event ID: 1173
Description: Internal event: Active Directory has encountered the
exception and associated parameters:
Exception: c0000005
Parameter: 0
Additional Data:
Error value: 76c41d8f
Internal ID: 0

Block TCP ports 389, 636 and 3268 to your Active Directory server from
untrusted sources.

Disclosure timeline:
2007-12-08 Initial contact and response from Microsoft PSS
2007-12-27 Initial contact attempt to Microsoft Security Response Center
2008-01-08 Second contact attempt to Microsoft Security Response Center
2008-02-11 Initial response from Microsoft Security Response Center
2008-06-10 Hotfix made publicly available by Microsoft

CVE Information:


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