[TOOL] ProxyStrike - Active Web Application Proxy

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ProxyStrike - Active Web Application Proxy



ProxyStrike is an active Web Application Proxy, is a tool designed to find
vulnerabilities while browsing an application. It was created because the
problems we faced in the pentests of web applications that depends heavily
on Javascript, not many web scanners did it good in this stage, so we came
with this proxy.

Right now it has available Sql injection and XSS modules. Both modules are
designed to catch as many vulnerabilities as we can, it's that why the SQL
Injection module is a Python port of the great DarkRaver "Sqlibf". The XSS
module is made by us, using our library Gazpacho (soon will be released as
standalone tool).

The process is very simple, ProxyStrike runs like a passive proxy
listening in port 8008 by default, so you have to browse the desired web
site setting your browser to use ProxyStrike as a proxy, and ProxyStrike
will analyze all the paremeters in background mode. For the user is a
passive proxy because you won't see any different in the behavior of the
application, but in the background is very active.


The information has been provided by <mailto:laramies2k@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Christian Martorella.
To keep updated with the tool visit the project's homepage at:


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