[NEWS] F5 BIG-IP Web Management Console CSRF

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F5 BIG-IP Web Management Console CSRF


By design the <http://www.f5.com/products/big-ip/> F5 BIG-IP web
management interface allows a logged-in user with Resource Manager or
Administrator privileges to execute an arbitrary bigpipe shell command
through the web "Console" feature. It is possible to craft URL links that
would execute the command with a simple HTTP GET request. Cross-site
attacks may leverage this functionality to reconfigure the BIG-IP
appliance, including creating new administrators.


Vulnerable Systems:
* F5 BIG-IP version 9.4.3


Administrators should not browse untrusted sites while logged into the
BIG-IP web management interface. It is not possible to log out of the
interface so it is important to shut down the browser after the interface
is no longer needed. Closing the interface browser window or removing the
BIG-IP cookie is not sufficient.


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