[UNIX] IBM Informix Dynamic Server DBLANG Directory Traversal Vulnerability

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IBM Informix Dynamic Server DBLANG Directory Traversal Vulnerability


IBM Corp.'s <http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/informix/ids/> Informix
Dynamic Server is an online transaction processing data server. It
contains several set-uid root binaries.

Local exploitation of a directory traversal vulnerability in IBM Corp.'s
Informix Dynamic Server allows attackers to elevate privileges to root.


Vulnerable Systems:
* IBM Corp.'s Informix Dynamic Server version 10.00 UC6TL installed on a
Linux system.
(Other versions are also suspected as vulnerable, versions for other
supported Unix systems should also be considered vulnerable).

This vulnerability exists due to insufficient checking for directory
traversal sequences when processing the DBLANG environment variable. By
using values containing directory traversal specifiers, such as "../", an
attacker can cause set-uid binaries to use Native Language Support (NLS)
message files under their control.

Exploitation allows local attackers to gain root privileges. In order to
exploit this vulnerability, an attacker would need access to execute one
of the set-uid root binaries that utilizes the DBLANG environment

Since an attacker can control NLS message file data, they are able to pass
arbitrary format string arguments to the variable argument function
printf(3). Consequently, this vulnerability can be exploited using
publicly known format string exploitation techniques.

When attempting to exploit this vulnerability, it is likely that an
attacker would try to execute code within area of memory that are
considered data. As such, NX, XD, exec-shield, PAX and other data
execution prevention technologies can decrease the likelihood of success.

Removing the set-uid bit from all programs included with Informix will
prevent exploitation. However, doing so may also disable functionality.

Vendor Status:
IBM Corp. has addressed this vulnerability within version 10.00.xC7W1 of
Informix Dynamic Server. For more information, visit the following URL.

CVE Information:

Disclosure Timeline:
* 09/01/2007 - Initial vendor notification
* 09/13/2007 - Initial vendor response
* 11/06/2007 - IBM Released 10.00.xC7W1
* 11/09/2007 - Public disclosure


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