[NEWS] IAX2 Users can Cause Unauthorized Data Disclosure

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IAX2 Users can Cause Unauthorized Data Disclosure


The IAX2 implementation of Asterisk has been found to contain a
vulnerability that would allow a remote attacker to disclose the content
of the stack memory and potentially cause the product to crash by sending
it a malformed text frame.


Vulnerable Systems:
* Asterisk Open Source versions prior to 1.2.19
* Asterisk Open Source versions prior to 1.4.4
* Asterisk Business Edition versions A.x.x
* Asterisk Business Edition versions prior to B.2.1
* AsteriskNOW versions prior to and include Beta 5
* Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit versions prior 0.4.1

Immune Systems:
* Asterisk Open Source version 1.2.19
* Asterisk Open Source version 1.4.4
* Asterisk Business Edition version B.2.1
* AsteriskNOW version Beta 6
* Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit version 0.4.1

chan_iax2 assumes that the content of a text frame is a NULL terminated
string (C style), and when time comes to forward the string it uses strlen
to determine the message length. If you send a frame without a 0 byte in
it, Asterisk forwards a frame that includes the sent data and some extra
(presumably heap) data. If an attacker were lucky, the extra data could
contain something interesting. Or conceivably it could cause a
segmentation violation.

Asterisk code has been modified to enforce null-termination of incoming
text frames received by the IAX2 channel driver (chan_iax2). When text
frames are received without null-termination, this may result in the last
byte of data in the frame being lost, if the IAX2 reception process does
not have space in its receive buffer to add a null character.

As this vulnerability is of 'low' severity, it does not justify new
releases of Asterisk solely for mitigating its impact. The fix for this
vulnerability has been committed to the Asterisk Subversion source code
repositories and is available to all users who wish to upgrade to a
prerelease checkout of the respective development branch for their release
series of Asterisk. All other users can upgrade when the next regularly
scheduled release of their product is produced.

CVE Information:


The information has been provided by <mailto:tim@xxxxxxxxxx> Tim Panton,
Mexuar and <mailto:birgit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Birgit Arkesteijn, Westhawk .
The original article can be found at:


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