[UNIX] Rrdbrowse Arbitrary File Disclosure Vulnerability

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Rrdbrowse Arbitrary File Disclosure Vulnerability


<http://www.rrdbrowse.org> RRDBrowse is "a poller daemon, templater and
webinterface for RRDTool. It has a threaded daemon which periodically runs
from cron. It works with small .nfo files which hold router information
and optionally connection details, colors, min max, bandwidth settings,
etc, etc. RRDBrowse uses a small caching mechanism to store interface
names. It's much MRTG like in it's current state". Due to imporoper input
validation in rrdbrowser a remote attacker can cause the program to
include arbitrary files and display their content.


Vulnerable Systems:
* rrdbrowse version 1.6 and prior

Immune Systems:
* rrdbrowse version 1.7

Due to improper input validation, the CGI application "rrdbrowse" is
vulnerable to an arbitrary file disclosure vulnerability. It allows an
unauthenticated remote attacker to read any file on the remote system if
the user the webserver is running as has permissions to do so. Thus an
attacker is able to gain access potentially sensitive information.

The vulnerability is trivial to exploit and only requires specifying an
URL with a relative file path on the remote system such as

As the input to the "file" parameter is not validated in any way accessing
this URL will expose the contents of /etc/passwd to a remote attacker
(interestingly except the first line).

To address this problem, the author of rrdbrowse (Tommy van Leeuwen) has
released an updated CVS version (1.7) of the software which is available
at <http://www.rrdbrowse.org> http://www.rrdbrowse.org. Hence all users
of rrdbrowse are asked to test and install this version as soon as

Disclosure Timeline:
06. February 2007 - Notified vendor
14. Feburary 2007 - Patch/new version released
04. March 2007 - Public disclosure


The information has been provided by <mailto:sebastian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sebastian Wolfgarten.


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