[NT] iTunes Arbitrary Program Execution

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 11/21/05

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    Date: 21 Nov 2005 17:16:33 +0200

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      iTunes Arbitrary Program Execution


    " <http://www.apple.com/itunes/> iTunes is a popular service allowing you
    to play music, buy music, download music, share music, create playlists,

    The lack of validation of data provided in a search path allows attackers
    to cause iTunes to execute arbitrary programs.


    Vulnerable Systems:
     * iTunes 5 for Windows

    Immune Systems:
     * iTunes 6 for Windows

    Due to the way iTunes 5 for Windows launches its helper application,
    multiple system paths are searched to determine which program to run. This
    allows a malicious user on the local system to create an environment where
    an alternate program will be executed by iTunes.


    The information has been provided by securityfocus.


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