[NT] Magic Winmail Server's Multiple Vulnerabilities

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 03/17/05

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    Date: 17 Mar 2005 19:24:47 +0200

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      Magic Winmail Server's Multiple Vulnerabilities


    " <http://www.magicwinmail.net/> Magic Winmail Server is an enterprise
    class mail server software system offering a robust feature set, including
    extensive security measures. Winmail Server supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP,
    Webmail, LDAP, multiple domains, SMTP authentication, SPAM protection,
    anti-virus protection, SSL/TLS security, Network Storage, remote access,
    Web-based administration, and a wide array of standard email options such
    as filtering, signatures, real-time monitoring, archiving, and public
    email folders."

    Multiple vulnerabilities were found in Magic Winmail Server's Webmail
    service, IMAP service and FTP service.


    Vulnerable Systems:
     * Magic Winmail Server version 4.0 build 1112

    Winmail Server's PHP-based Webmail has vulnerabilities that may be
    exploited to download arbitrary files from the server, to upload files to
    arbitrary directories, and to conduct Cross-Site Scripting attacks.
    Directory traversal vulnerability in Winmail Server's IMAP service gives
    the malicious user the ability to read arbitrary user's emails,
    create/delete arbitrary directories on the server, and/or to retrieve
    arbitrary files from the server. In addition, Winmail Server's FTP service
    does not validate the IP address supplied in a PORT command. This may be
    exploited to perform port scan from the FTP server.

    Vulnerabilities in Webmail:
    The download.php script allows a user to download his/her email file
    attachment. Lack of input parameter sanitation allows a logon mail user to
    retrieve arbitrary files from the server by supplying specially crafted
    input parameters to download.php. The following two requests will retrieve
    userauth.cfg, which contains users' MD5 password hashes.

    sid=656041e927559a2ff& // this must be the current session id
    // Note Ly4uLy4uLy4uLy4uL3VzZXJhdXRoLmNmZw== is the base64 encoding of


    The upload.php scripts allows a mail user to upload his/her email file
    attachment when composing an email. Lack of input sanitation of the
    supplied filename allows a logon mail user to upload files to arbitrary
    location on the server. This may be exploited to upload arbitrary PHP
    scripts into the webmail directory. Successful exploitation on the default
    installation of Winmail server will allow execution of arbitrary PHP
    scripts with LOCAL SYSTEM privilege.

    Content-Disposition: form-data; name="userfile1";
    Content-Type: application/download


    The /admin/user.php script allows the Webmail administrator to view
    webmail users' username, fullname, description, and company name. A
    malicious user may input JavaScript in his own personal info using
    userinfo.php. Due to lack of filtering of HTML special characters, these
    JavaScript will execute on the Webmail administrator's browser when the
    administrator accesses the /admin/user.php script. These JavaScripts may
    be crafted to steal the administrator's session cookie, etc. For example,
    the user may set his description to

    Directory Traversal Vulnerability in IMAP Service:
    Directory traversal vulnerability was found in several of Winmail Server's
    IMAP commands. These vulnerable commands may be exploited by a malicious
    logon user to read arbitrary user's emails, create/delete arbitrary
    directories on the server, and/or to retrieve arbitrary files from the
    server. IMAP commands like CREATE, EXAMINE, SELECT and DELETE are affected
    by this vulnerability.

    The following transcript of an IMAP session illustrates this:

    [c:\]nc X.X.X.X 143
    * OK IMAP4 ready! localhost Winmail Mail Server MagicWinmail Extend IMAP
    1 LOGIN "test" "password" // login as user test
    1 OK LOGIN OK.
    2 SELECT "../test2/INBOX" // selected user test2's mailbox
    * FLAGS (\Answered \Deleted \Draft \Seen \Recent)
    * OK [PERMANENTFLAGS (\Answered \Draft \Flagged \Seen)]
    * 1 EXISTS
    * 0 RECENT
    * OK [UNSEEN 1] Message 1 is unseen.
    * OK [UIDNEXT 2] Predicted valid
    * OK [UIDVALIDITY 1105791403] UIDs valid
    2 OK [READ-WRITE] OK SELECT completed.
    3 UID fetch 1:1 (UID RFC822.SIZE FLAGS BODY.PEEK[]) // retrieve test2's
    * 1 FETCH (UID 1 FLAGS () RFC822.SIZE 271 BODY[] {422}
    Delivered-To: test2@xxx.xx
    Received: (winmail server invoked for smtp delivery); Sat, 15 Jan 2005
    Received: (winmail server invoked for report); Sat, 15 Jan 2005 20:16:18
    From: postmaster@xxx.xx
    To: test2@xxx.xx
    Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 20:16:18 +0800
    Subject: welcome
    Hi, test2
    Welcome to use the mail system!
    Your mail address is test2@xxx.xx.


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