[REVS] The 80/20 Rule for Web Application Security

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 02/06/05

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    Date: 6 Feb 2005 17:58:13 +0200

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      The 80/20 Rule for Web Application Security


    The white paper linked here suggest several tools and policies with the
    intension of "Increase your security without touching the source code".

    The paper discusses several layers of security, the web server,
    application server and the application itself.


    After performing hundreds of web security assessments you're bound to
    encounter many frighteningly insecure websites. Websites so badly
    protected you could literally make off with the credit card numbers in a
    way reminiscent of the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds. On the other hand
    there are many websites frustratingly impervious to attack. What I'll
    describe below are the subtle variations between the security "haves" and
    "have-nots". Using the age old "80/20 rule", we'll look at a few
    techniques anyone can use to decrease the risk of their website being
    hacked. And to make it really easy you won't have to alter a single line
    of code!

    Download Information:
    The paper can be found at:


    The original article can be found at:


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