[NEWS] Hotmail Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (Malformed Tags)

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 12/20/04

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    Date: 20 Dec 2004 18:38:27 +0200

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      Hotmail Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (Malformed Tags)


    Finjan has discovered a script injection vulnerability in Hotmail that
    allows a remote attacker to execute malicious scripts when the victim is
    reading his/her email, this is due to Hotmail's inability to process
    correctly malformed HTML tags and make the script embedded inside them


    Hotmail's mobile code filtering mechanism is based on an active content
    filter whose purpose is to block the injection of any active content into
    Hotmail messages. Hotmail's filter identifies any possibly malicious HTML
    tags, properties and elements, and then modifies them into a non-malicious

    When receiving an email, Hotmail's filtering engine analyzes and filters
    the HTML event properties inside the email s HTML tags. Hotmail's filter
    identifies the dangerous event properties and renames them to x +event,
    thereby alters their original functionality.

    For example:
    < img onmouseover=alert()></img>
    is renamed to:
    < img xonmouseover=alert()></img>

    While the filter analyzes the data, it does not inspect all content after
    the = and before the next property. This means that in the example above,
    the alert() code will not be inspected and filtered. This can be exploited
    by creating a malformed HTML tag which will fake a property and then
    execute an event property.

    The malformed request must have the following syntax:
    < [anytag] [anychar/word]=[anychar from ascii 1-8 or 14-31)] [event

    For example:
    < img MCRC= onmouseover=alert()>

    All the data after the =[special char][space] tag is considered by
    Hotmail's filter to be the data inside the fake tag, and it is therefore
    not inspected. Internet browsers however, execute this as a valid code.

    ANY tag/object that supports HTML events can be used to remotely call a
    JavaScript file. The injected JavaScript code is responsible for:
     * Automatically launching malicious code
     * Stealing the victim s password by using a spoofed re-login window
     * Reading the victim s INBOX and contacts
     * Sending email messages without any user authorization

    Proof Of Concept:
    < img src= http://www.finjan.com/images/logo.gif MCRC= onmouseover=alert(
    Cross Site Scripting Javascript Injected! )>< img>

    Vulnerability Status:
    Vendor was notified on Sep 8th, 2004. The bug is now fixed.


    The information has been provided by <mailto:theinsider@012.net.il> Rafel
    Ivgi, The-Insider.


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