[TOOL] Fwknop - Firewall Knock Operator

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 09/19/04

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    Date: 19 Sep 2004 14:07:17 +0200

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      Fwknop - Firewall Knock Operator



    fwknop stands for "Firewall Knock Operator" and is a piece of software
    that was released at the
    <http://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-12/dc-12-index.html> DEFCON 12
    conference in July, 2004 in Las Vegas.

    fwknop implements network access controls (via iptables) based on a
    flexible port knocking mini-language, but with a twist; it combines port
    knocking and passive operating system fingerprinting to make it possible
    to do things like only allow, say, Linux-2.4/2.6 systems to connect to
    your SSH daemon.

    fwknop supports shared, multi-protocol port knock sequences along with
    both relative and absolute timeouts, and coded port knock sequences
    encrypted with the Rijndael block cipher.

    fwknop implements a flexible port knocking scheme based around log
    messages generated by the iptables firewall in the Linux kernel. fwknop
    supports both shared and encrypted port knock sequences, passive OS
    fingerprinting, multi-protocol knock sequences (tcp, udp, and icmp),
    firewall access across multiple ports and protocols, firewall access
    timeouts, relative timeouts between knock packets, and more. There are two
    primary modes of execution; server mode, and client mode. When run in
    server mode, fwknop becomes a daemon and watches iptables log messages as
    they are written via syslog to a named pipe /var/lib/fwknop/fwknopfifo. If
    a valid knock sequence is seen, then fwknop will modify the iptables
    ruleset to grant the appropriate access to the originating IP address.
    Knock sequence parameters are defined in the file /etc/fwknop/access.conf.
    When run in client mode, fwknop generates either an encrypted knock
    sequence, or a shared knock sequence. Shared knock sequences are defined
    in the file ~/.fwknoprc.

    Download Information:
    To obtain the latest version of fwknop visit:
    The project's CVS repository is available at:


    To keep updated with the tool visit the project's homepage at:
    <http://www.cipherdyne.org/fwknop/> http://www.cipherdyne.org/fwknop/


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