[NEWS] Red-M Red-Alert Multiple Vulnerabilities

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 02/12/04

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    Date: 12 Feb 2004 11:59:31 +0200

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      Red-M Red-Alert Multiple Vulnerabilities


     <http://www.red-m.com/Products/Default.asp#alert> Red-Alert "Monitors
    Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless activity around the clock to detect
    security risks".

    Several vulnerabilities have been found in the Red-Alert probe. As a
    result, the probe could be reset or accessed by unauthorized users.


    Vulnerable Systems:
     * Red-Alert with hardware version 2.7.5, software version 3.1 build 24

    Probe Reset
    Any unauthenticated user can remotely reboot the Red-Alert appliance
    through a malformed request to the web server. When a browser request is
    longer than approximately 1230 bytes, the appliance reboots. Consequently,
    all information is lost. Anything sent to the device's TCP port 80 longer
    than approx. 1230 bytes reboots it, whether it's a valid request or not.
    In order to test the vulnerability, issue the following request:

    $ perl -e 'print "a"x1230 . "\r\n\r\n"| nc < device ip> 80

    Probe Administration Authentication
    The authentication of the probe administrator is bound to the user's IP
    address. If multiple users are behind NAT or a proxy, any of those users
    can access the administration GUI without restrictions after
    authentication was successful by the admin. The authentication does, in
    fact, expire after a few minutes of inactivity. However, since the events
    popup page auto-refreshes itself the session will potentially never

    Incorrect Identification Of Wireless Network With SSID Containing Multiple
    If there are wireless networks detected by the probe with an SSID
    containing multiple space (0x20) characters, the probe fails to correctly
    identify them. For example, if a network has the SSID " ", the probe
    will detect it as " "(single space character). Any sequence of multiple
    space characters in any substring of the SSID are represented as one
    single space character, which causes identification to fail.

    Vendor Status:
    The vendor has released a new frimware version.


    The information has been provided by <mailto:morisson@genhex.org> Bruno


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