[NEWS] Citrix Metaframe XP is vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 11/02/03

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    Date: 2 Nov 2003 19:07:58 +0200

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      Citrix Metaframe XP is vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting


    The Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite is a product that enables users to
    access enterprise applications and information on demand. MetaFrame XP is
    vulnerable to a Cross-Site Scripting attack based on the manipulation of
    error messages sent to user's web browser.


    Vulnerable systems:
     * Citrix MetaFrame XP 1.0
     * Web Interface 2.0

    During a recent penetration test, IRM identified a machine running Citrix
    MetaFrame XP that prompted for authentication credentials. When 'random'
    credentials were supplied, a page was returned displaying the following
    "ERROR: The credentials supplied were invalid. Please try again."

    The text used to construct this error message formed part of the URL:

    If the URL was changed to the following:
    MessageType=Error&NFuse_Message=< SCRIPT>alert("Vulnerable to

    The server processed the HTML and executed the JavaScript on the user's

    Citrix were contacted and immediately confirmed that this was indeed a
    security issue and set about producing a patch to include in the next
    update for the product.

    Vendor & Patch Information:
    Citrix were contacted on August 18th 2003 and released the update on
    October 2nd 2003, which can be downloaded from <http://www.mycitrix.com>

    IRM are not aware of any workarounds for this issue.


    The information has been provided by <mailto:advisories@irmplc.com> IRM


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