[NEWS] Speak Freely Multiple Remote and Local Vulnerabilities

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 06/11/03

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    Date: 11 Jun 2003 20:23:06 +0200

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      Speak Freely Multiple Remote and Local Vulnerabilities


     <http://www.fourmilab.ch/speakfree/> Speak Freely is a free and
    open-sourced software used for efficient and secure (encrypted) voice
    communication over the Internet. It was written by John Walker, and runs
    on Windows and UNIX.

    During a source code audit, the Hackademy staff has found multiple serious
    local and remote security holes in this software.


    Vulnerable systems:
     * Speak Freely version 7.5 for UNIX
     * Speak Freely version 7.1 for Windows and UNIX

    Immune systems:
     * Speak Freely version 7.6

     * At least three exploitable stack buffer overflows were found. A single
    UDP packet sent to either the data port(2074/udp) or the control port
    (2075/udp) can crash the sfspeaker program in a way suitable for running
    arbitrary supplied code.

     * Usage of temporary files is insecure, making possible for a malicious
    local user to overwrite with arbitrary data any file owned by the user
    running Speak Freely.

     * Speak Freely has a network feature allowing to send back the same UDP
    packet he received. Because the source IP of an UDP packet can be spoofed,
    there is a potential for relaying malicious packets into a protected
    network (NATed or firewalled) if a computer having access to this network
    is running Speak Freely.

     * There are also a few static buffer overflows, more difficult to

    A remote attacker, as well as a malicious local user, can execute
    arbitrary code on the system with the privileges of the user running Speak

    Speak Freely 7.6 is patched against most of these issues, and can be
    downloaded here: <http://www.fourmilab.ch/speakfree/>


    The information has been provided by <mailto:fozzy@dmpfrance.com> Fozzy.


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