[NEWS] The Slammer Worm Effect: Why Linux OS is More Attackable than Windows OS

From: SecuriTeam (support_at_securiteam.com)
Date: 06/09/03

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    Date: 9 Jun 2003 18:34:06 +0200

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      The Slammer Worm Effect: Why Linux OS is More Attackable than Windows OS


    A very interesting analysis of the amount of attacked hosts (Linux vs.
    Windows) has been created by Zone-H. It shows that taking into account
    such worms as Slammer, reveals that Linux is currently the most attacked
    host on the Internet.


    The news appeared during the last days in which London based MI2G.com
    stated that Linux OS is now more attacked then Windows has been reported
    by media and immediately criticized by the IT Security world.

    MI2G is basing part of their research job relying on Zone-H.org databases
    therefore they based their last press release using the data Zone-H is
    sending to all its mail subscribers regarding the daily attacks.

    Using such data MI2G was calculating that the amount of Linux attacks has
    stably overcome the Windows attacks.

    The direct result of Zone-H data organized in a chart graphically
    supporting MI2G statement is in fact showing that today Linux attacks are
    as 5 times higher than the Windows ones.

    The IT Security world has immediately attacked MI2G statement saying that
    when counting the attacks MI2G accounted all the mass-defacement (an
    attack that while hitting a single IP or host, generates multiple
    defacements like it usually happens to big hosting companies) as single

    The Itsec purists argued that the mass-defacements should be accounted
    instead as 1 single hit therefore MI2G statement was either premature or

    The only organization that has enough authority to solve the dilemma is
    Zone-H as today is holding the most complete database having access to
    direct statistics.

    Therefore, today Zone-H staff started to dig in the archives filtering out
    all attacks by SINGLE IP divided into the different OSs.

    The results that came out is clear: Linux is in effect the most attacked
    Operative System, and this already since middle March 2003 as you can
    check by this graph:

    The graph is showing the attacks trend during the last 16 moths.

    The graph shows clearly that one of the most hit OS over the time was
    Windows (red line). The interesting fact is that since middle-January 2003
    Windows became for some unknown reasons less attacked (and less
    attackable) than Linux.

    Zone-H identified the reason of this strange phenomenon in what Zone-H
    calls the "Slammerworm effect".

    In fact, the Slammer worm ha produced since December 2002 a spike in the
    Windows 2000 statistics. Since then, the Slammer worm threat has been so
    much covered by the media that companies started to patch at a speed never
    seen before. The result of this process is that Windows OS has instantly
    become less attractive for crackers.

    If we also consider that the number of the worldwide Windows installations
    is presumably higher than the Linux installation it means that a properly
    weighted analysis would reveal that the Linux "hacker attractiveness"
    would be even clearer.

    The graph generated from Zone-H databases is also showing other
    interesting aspects: the web cracking phenomenon is transforming more and
    more into a social problem very much related to political issues.

    The September 11th anniversary and the Iraq war have been the reason why
    the overall number of attacks has increased 500%, hitting this year an
    amount of targets never seen before.

    If anybody before was under evaluating the web-cracking events, these
    graphs and numbers should be the reason of paying more attention to these
    facts as they are more and more configuring a sociologic problem.


    The original article can be found at:
     <http://www.zone-h.org/winvslinux> http://www.zone-h.org/winvslinux

    The information has been provided by SyS64738 of <http://www.zone-h.org/>


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