[NT] Buffer Overflow Vulnerability found in MailMax

From: support@securiteam.com
Date: 04/18/03

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    From: support@securiteam.com
    To: list@securiteam.com
    Date: 18 Apr 2003 11:54:53 +0200

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      Buffer Overflow Vulnerability found in MailMax


    MailMax is a "scalable e-mail server that supports SMTP, IMAP4, and POP3
    protocols. Its TCP/IP GUI allows server administration from any Internet
    connected server. The Web Admin module allows you to define domain
    administrators so they can maintain their own accounts. It also provides
    anti-spamming options."

    There is a problem in the program allowing an attacker to cause a buffer
    overflow in the IMAP4 protocol, within the IMAP4rev1 SmartMax IMAPMax 5,
    causing the service to execute arbitrary code.


    Vulnerable systems:
     * IMAP4rev1 SmartMax IMAPMax 5 ( and

    Immune systems:
     * IMAP4rev1 SmartMax IMAPMax 5 (
     * IMAP4rev1 SmartMax IMAPMax 5.5

    The vulnerability is a buffer overflow in the IMAP4rev1 SmartMax IMAPMax
    5. The overflow occurs whenever a malicious attacker sends a large amount
    of characters within the password field.

    The following transcript demonstrates a sample exploitation of the
    ----------------------------- [Transcript] -----------------------------
    nc 143
    * OK IMAP4rev1 SmartMax IMAPMax 5 Ready
    0000 OK CAPABILITY completed
    0001 LOGIN "mail@mail.com" "A..[50] ..A"
    0001 NO Invalid user name or password.
    0001 NO Invalid user name or password.

    ----------------------------- [Transcript] -----------------------------

    When this attack is used there will pop-up a message box on the server,
    with the text "Buffer overrun detected! - Program: <PATH>\IMAPMax.exe" at
    this time the service shuts down (a long enough buffer will overwrite the
    EIP allowing execution of arbitrary code), and has to be restarted
    manually, from the service manager.

     * With this vulnerable version of IMAP, the only workaround is to disable
    the IMAP4rev1 SmartMax IMAPMax 5 service, there are no workaround in the

     * SmartMax has released a patched version of IMAPMax.exe version
    which corrects the problem. It can be downloaded at
    <ftp://ftp.smartmax.com/updates/MailMax 5.0/Files/>
    ftp://ftp.smartmax.com/updates/MailMax 5.0/Files/. Remember to ensure that
    the file version is or higher.

     * Update your MailMax Version 5 to the released version 5.5

    Vendor response:
    "Thank you for the buffer overrun security notification in our ImapMax
    module for MailMax 5. I'm enclosing an updated IMAPMAX which fixes the
    buffer overflow vulnerability? We'll be posting this in our MailMax 5.5
    update next week.
    Eric Weber"

    Disclosure timeline:
    25/03/2003 Found the Vulnerability, and made an analysis.
    27/03/2003 Reported to Vendor (sales@smartmax.com, features@smartmax.com,
    27/03/2003 Vendor reply, they now know of the vulnerabilities.
    27/03/2003 Vendor send a patch (Version of the IMAPMax.exe still
    contains the vulnerability.
    27/03/2003 Received version from Vendor.
    27/03/2003 Tested version from vendor, and this version is not
    27/03/2003 Fix made public.
    11/04/2003 Public Disclosure.


    The vulnerability was discovered and reported by
    <mailto:der@infowarfare.dk> Dennis Rand.


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