[UNIX] SQL Injection Vulnerability Found in PHPMyShop

From: support@securiteam.com
Date: 03/05/03

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    From: support@securiteam.com
    To: list@securiteam.com
    Date: 5 Mar 2003 20:52:27 +0200

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      SQL Injection Vulnerability Found in PHPMyShop


    phpMyShop is a shopping system based on mySQL and the PHP Scripting
    A vulnerability found in this program allows a remote user to be able to
    log on to the system without authorization.


    Vulnerable versions:
     * PHPMyShop Version 1.00

    Immune versions:
     * PHPMyShop Version 1.40

    The problem lies within the file:

     compte.php :

            if (isset($achat))


            echo"<td bgcolor=\"$barre1\"><strong>Identification</strong></td>

            if (isset($valider)) {
                    $sql = "SELECT id_cli,login_cli,pass_cli FROM
                             $table_client where login_cli='$identifiant' and
                    $sql = mysql_db_query($base,$sql); $test = mysql_num_rows($sql);
                    if ($test=="0") {
                            ?> <script language="javascript">
                            alert("Identifiant ou mot de passe non valide!");
                            echo"<center><strong>Identifiant ou mot de passe non
                    } else { $id_membre =
                            mysql_result($sql,0,"id_cli"); session_register("id_membre");
                            <script language="javascript"> document.location.href="valide.php"
                            </script> <? } }

            [...] ---------------------------------------------------------------


    Download latest version from
    PHPMyTools, or download a patch from <http://www.phpsecure.org>


    Information was provided by <mailto:frog-man@frog-man.org> Frog Man


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