[TOOL] YAPH - Yet Another Proxy Hunter

From: support@securiteam.com
Date: 02/15/03

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    Date: 15 Feb 2003 21:50:56 +0200

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      YAPH - Yet Another Proxy Hunter


    YAPH is a proxy hunter for the UNIX platform. It allows to find public
    access proxy servers on the Internet and to validate proxy lists. YAPH
    reveals SOCK4, SOCKS5 and HTTP (CONNECT method) proxies. HTTP proxies are
    tested for CONNECT method only, since only this method provides ability to
    tunnel TCP through HTTP proxy. YAPH utilizes the power of Nmap, a network
    mapper written by Fyodor. Nmap provides to YAPH the capability to find new
    undiscovered public proxy servers on the Internet. YAPH can be shielded
    with ProxyChains, a proxifier developed by Proxy Labs. ProxyChains helps
    to YAPH to keep your privacy while checking potential proxies found by
    Nmap and while verifying a list of proxies.


    The tool can be downloaded form:
     <http://proxylabs.netwu.com/yaph/> http://proxylabs.netwu.com/yaph/


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