[NEWS] Lotus Domino Password Protected URL Bypass

From: support@securiteam.com
Date: 02/05/02

From: support@securiteam.com
To: list@securiteam.com
Date: Tue,  5 Feb 2002 00:16:48 +0100 (CET)

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  Lotus Domino Password Protected URL Bypass


A security vulnerability has been found in the popular Lotus Domino Web
server. Lotus Domino have files like webadmin.nsf, log.nsf and names.nfs,
these files are protected by passwords. It was discovered that is possible
to bypass this password if you create a malformed URL.


Assuming the buffer is: http://example.com/>/

Critical buffer length: is the minimum buffer length you need to bypass
the passwd file.

Normal url: http://example.com/log.nsf <---- Request for a passwd
Modify url: http://example.com/log.ntf>.snf/
                                                    |-----217 -------|

In the case of log.nsf, <buff> is 217 - 12 = 205 '+' and the url will be:
                                    |-------- 205 -----|

If you write a buffer between 219 and 257(higher buffer), you bypass the
passwd. Modify URL:
                                |---219 to 257 --|


The information has been provided by <mailto:gmaggiot@ciudad.com.ar>
Gabriel A. Maggiotti and David Litchfield.


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