[UNIX] HP-UX Setuid RLPDaemon Illicit File Writes

From: support@securiteam.com
Date: 12/21/01

From: support@securiteam.com
To: list@securiteam.com
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 13:03:33 +0100 (CET)

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  HP-UX Setuid RLPDaemon Illicit File Writes


/usr/sbin/rlpdaemon in HP-UX is setuid root. Its switches include "-l" to
enable logging and "-L /some/thing" to select a logfile other than the
default. When run by a non-root user it can create/append a logfile owned
by root. With a little care (and a copy of RFC1179), a local user can
supply data to add to files he chooses and thereby get root. The victim
does not actually need to have any printers configured.


Vulnerable systems:
HP-UX 10.20
HP-UX 11.00

As a non-root user run:
$ rlpdaemon -i -l -L /existing_directory/new_file
If the logfile created is owned by root you have the bug. Patched systems
quit silently if "-i" is used and print " Unable to open/create logfile"
if "-l -L" is used.

HP's alert "Sec. Vulnerability in rlpdaemon" (HPSBUX0111-176) was released
2001-11-20 and describes this as a "logic flaw vulnerability". Because the
patches fix more than one problem you should definitely aim to have them
installed unless you remove rlpdaemon.


The information has been provided by <mailto:borglum@nym.alias.net>


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