[NEWS] Kebi Webmail Solution Security Vulnerability

From: support@securiteam.com
Date: 12/10/01

From: support@securiteam.com
To: list@securiteam.com
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 12:26:29 +0100 (CET)

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  Kebi Webmail Solution Security Vulnerability


A security vulnerability in <http://solution.nara.co.kr/> Kebi-Webmail
solution allows gaining of server's administration by accessing the
product's administration menu (since they are not password protected by


Kebi Webmail solution utilizes a hidden directory to allow administrators
to connect to the administrator menu. Access to the directory is allowed
to anyone, no form of authentication is required. By simply accessing:
http://target/a/ an outside attacker can gain access to the Kebi Webmail
administration directory, and to all Kebi Webmail's internal configuration

Prevent unauthenticated access to the administration directory by placing
a username/password requirement on them. This can be done by placing an
htaccess file, or modifying the httpd.conf file to contain such a


The information has been provided by Anonymous.


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