2k3 SP1 breaks ICMP over VPN

From: Russell Freeland (russell_at_SYNERGYCORP.COM)
Date: 04/21/05

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    Date:         Thu, 21 Apr 2005 12:40:01 -0400

    I've had a problem pinging remote subnets over (Windoze) VPN since
    installing SP1 (more than one network.)

    It seems I am not alone: http://www.winserverhelp.com/ftopic22712.html.
    Evidently there is a ticket open on this one.

    As mentioned on that page, the RRAS server can ping anything on the
    remote LAN. In a case where there is a two-way persistent connection,
    it appears only the answering machine can ping the remote LAN. Nobody
    else can ping through.

    This does not seem related (at least not directly) to the problem with
    Terminal Services and MS05-019.

    Just thought I'd let y'all know so you can avoid wasting time figuring
    this out as I did.


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