MS05-019 Breaks VPN

From: Darryl J Roberts (DarrylJR_at_SEU.COM)
Date: 04/20/05

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    Date:         Tue, 19 Apr 2005 18:11:19 -0700

    After installing the update in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-019 on
    two servers at a customer site, we are no longer able to connect via VPN
    to terminal services on those servers. (Other servers that did not have
    the security bulletins from last Tuesday installed can connect via VPN.)

    After many hours over two days working with Microsoft Product Support
    Services, we discovered that forcing the MTU size down allowed the
    client to connect to terminal services. Today Microsoft PSS reported
    the they have confirmed that there is a problem with ICMP messages being
    incorrectly discarded (other have opened PSS cases about this issue).
    This could be why the MTU size is not being set correctly.

    There will be an update to the patch in MS05-019, but as of this time,
    that update is not available. A Microsoft KB article is being written
    and has been assigned the number KB898060, but as to this time, that
    article is not publicly available.

    I will be uninstalling the update for Security Bulletin MS05-019 from
    our customers servers this evening and waiting for the corrected patch
    before reinstalling it.

    Darryl J. Roberts, MCSE, MCP+I, CompTIA CTT+, CSSA
    Software Engineering Unlimited, IT Professional Services Consultancy
    Ventura, CA, USA
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