vbscript.dll regular expression object (RegExp) memory leak

From: g g (ggo2222_at_YAHOO.COM)
Date: 02/27/05

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    Date:         Sun, 27 Feb 2005 05:51:41 -0800


    The following vbscript, which uses the RegExp object,
    causes memory leak (tested under Windows XP SP2 with
    Script Engine V5.6); when you run it, locate the
    associated wscript.exe or cscript.exe process in the
    Windows task manager, then click "OK" in the "Start"
    message box, and see how the "Mem Usage" value grows
    in the task manager.

    Dim PatternStr
    Dim oRegExp
    Dim oMatches

    PatternStrBuggy = "^(?:\<([0-9]+)\>)?(?:([A-Za-z]+)
    )?(?:([\d ]\d) )?(?:(\d+)
    )?(?:([0-9]+:[0-9]+:[0-9]+(?:\.[0-9]+)?) )?(?:([^ :]+)
    )?((?:(?:([^ \[\:]+)(?:\[([0-9]+)\])?:)? )?(.*))"
    strng = "c"

    Set oRegExp = New RegExp
    oRegExp.Global = true
    oRegExp.Multiline = true
    oRegExp.Pattern = PatternStrBuggy
    On Error Resume Next
    MsgBox "start"
    For i=1 to 10000000
            Set oMatches = oRegExp.Execute(strng)
    MsgBox "stop"

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