Re: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer not seeing KB887742 and KB88 6185 Correction

From: Joe Granto (Joe.Granto_at_MCI.COM)
Date: 02/16/05

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    Date:         Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:09:58 -0500

    Enterprise Update Scan Tool:

    This tool seems to be a solution between MBSA releases. This tool may be
    what you need to detect those fixes. From the URL above:

    "Why does this tool exist?
    Microsoft delivers this tool for certain bulletins in an MSRC release
    cycle that cannot be detected by the MBSA or the ODT. Each tool is
    specific to an MSRC release cycle."


    "Why do the MBSA and the ODT not detect this update?
    The MBSA and the ODT may not offer full detection for certain bulletins
    in an MSRC release cycle. Full detection may not be available because of
    a limitation of the detection engine or because the product that is
    affected is not supported by the MBSA or the ODT. We are working to
    resolve this issue in future versions of the MBSA through the Windows
    Update Server infrastructure. In the meantime, the Enterprise Update Scan
    Tool is designed to complement the MBSA and the ODT for security update
    detection. Whenever MBSA or ODT cannot offer detection, we plan to
    release an Enterprise Update Scan Tool."

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