Oracle ISQLPlus file access vulnerability (#NISR2122004E)

From: NGSSoftware Insight Security Research (nisr_at_NEXTGENSS.COM)
Date: 12/23/04

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    Date:         Thu, 23 Dec 2004 16:35:28 -0000

    NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory

    Name: Oracle ISQL*Plus load.uix file access
    Systems Affected: Oracle 10g AS on all operating systems
    Severity: Medium
    Vendor URL:
    Author: David Litchfield [ davidl at ]
    Relates to:
    Date of Public Advisory: 23rd December 2004
    Advisory number: #NISR2122004E
    Advisory URL:

    The 10g Oracle Application Server installs ISQL*Plus. Once logged in, an
    attacker can use load.uix to read files on the server.

    From isqlplus it is possible to load a script and execute it. On navigating
    to http://server:5560/isqlplus/load.uix two input boxes are displayed - one
    called "URL" and the other "File". By entering in a full path an attacker
    can load and read any file that the oracle user can read. For example
    "/etc/passwd" on Linux or "C:\boot.ini" on windows. An attacker can read the
    the files mentioned in #NISR2122004D to gain the privileges of SYSMAN.

    Fix Information
    A patch (#68) was released for this problem by Oracle. See for more details. NGSSQuirreL for Oracle
    (, can be used to assess whether
    your Oracle servers are vulnerable to this.

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